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by Benoît Lamy de La Chapelle

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Portugal’s second city, Porto is still at the margins of the international circuit of contemporary art. It offers nonetheless a multitude of exhibition venues, independent projects and numerous initiatives that encouraged us to travel there, to find out what hides behind the Serralves Foundation and Culturegest. The latest In extenso offsite project gave us the opportunity to explore this city and to meet its actors. This project being hosted by the collective Rua do Sol, we interviewed one of its members, artist Luisa Abreu, who agreed to talk about this unconventional exhibition space and collective studio, as well as the organization of independent art spaces in Porto. We also had the chance to interact with artists André Sousa and Mauro Cerqueira, who run since 2008 the most unusual art venue ever, Uma Certa Falta de Coerência, a long wet corridor, with the dark vibes of a junkies’ squat, that manages to showcase internationally renowned artists: a kind of political comment on the mass refurbishment (to create a maximum of AirBnB) Porto has faced those past five years. These interviews will thus give a glimpse of the many energies and the unsuspected potential at work in this bright city.

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Interview with Luisa Abreu, member of Rua do Sol.

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